ISEA International


ISEA International is an international non-profit organisation fostering interdisciplinary discussion and knowledge exchange among culturally diverse organisations and individuals working at the intersection of art, science, and technology.

Main Activity
The organisation’s main activity is the International Symposium on Electronic/Emerging Art (ISEA), an annual symposium that contributes to knowledge in the fields of art, science, and technology; supports emerging approaches to research and practice on complex and relevant topics; generates knowledge and understanding from interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives by bringing together diverse communities of art practitioners and scholars. The international symposium provides an academic and artistic forum, including a conference and a wide array of exhibitions, presentations, performances, and public events. Each year, the symposium is held in a different country with the aim of encouraging and including diverse perspectives, and to serve as a cultural bridge between local and international communities of artists and researchers. The ISEA Board of Directors advises and guides the Host Organisations producing each ISEA edition. 

Main Functions of ISEA International:

  1. Coordinate the continued occurrence of the symposia. 
  2. Actively promote the Symposium, and acknowledge the Host Organisation as the Producer of the event in all communication related to the Symposium.
  3. Through its Board and advisory committees, advise and guide the Host Organisation.
  4. Assist in the promotion of the Call for Proposals; Registration, Preliminary, and Final Programme announcements.
  5. Work with the Host Organisation in the selection of members of the International  Programme Committee (IPC).
  6. Support the Host Organisation in the publication of the double-blind, peer-reviewed proceedings of the symposium in a format with academic value and open access.
  7. Provide a database of relevant organisations and potential delegates to the Host Organisation.
  8. Hold an open Annual General Meeting (AGM) during the Symposium.
  9. Maintain a physical and online archive of Symposium materials for future reference.

Field of Action
ISEA International’s field of action covers emerging practices, electronic media, and performing arts and theory. Since 1990, ISEA International has grown as an interdisciplinary ecosystem of art practitioners and scholars focusing on the impact of science and technology on society, as well as the ecological and social challenges and opportunities for reflecting on the past, and shaping our interconnected present and future.


ISEA Board of Directors
The members of the ISEA Board of Directors work on a volunteer basis. They oversee the everyday operations of the organisation, formulate policies and guidelines, coordinate the continued occurrence of the symposia, advise and guide the Host Organisations, oversee the publication of symposium proceedings and manage their inclusion in ISEA’s physical and digital Archives. 

The ISEA International Headquarters (HQ)
The ISEA International Headquarters (HQ) is hosted at the University for the Creative Arts in the UK. HQ Executive Director is the only salaried individual in the ISEA International core, has no voting privileges, and responds to the Board’s directives, attending meetings, and assisting on all matters including fundraising. HQ is the primary public contact point for ISEA International responding to queries and maintaining the ISEA website, contact database, and mailing list. As primary contact for all Symposium Host, HQ ensures good governance and that contractual obligations are met.

The ISEA International Advisory Committee (IIAC)
The members of the IIAC work on a volunteer basis. The IIAC is composed of international experts from the fields of art, science and technology. Elected to their positions by the ISEA Board of Directors, their role is to advise the ISEA Board and ISEA Headquarter’s Executive Director when requested to do so by the Board.

Special Advisors
Special Advisors are individuals who have played a vital role in shaping the ISEA symposia throughout numerous years of service to the organisation. They continue to contribute their expertise and experience when the ISEA Board of Directors invite them to reflect on goals and strategies.

ISEA Physical Archive 

The ISEA Physical Archive is hosted at De Montfort University Library with the Computer Arts Archive as custodians, under the purview of ISEA International. Based in Leicester, U.K., the Computer Arts Archive is a not-for-profit company that collects, exhibits, and promotes computer arts for the benefit of artists, audiences, curators, educators, and researchers. Working closely with the Computer Arts Society, they collaborate with other collections, museums, and galleries to explore the impact of digital culture and ensure that computer art is recognised as a significant contemporary art form with a rich and diverse history. 

ISEA Online Archives Technical Team
The ISEA Online Archives Technical Team works on a volunteer basis and is under the purview of ISEA International. Over the years, the production team has consisted of electronic art forerunners, scholars, and students dedicated to maintaining an online archive of ISEA symposium proceedings. Their digital archival work creates internal connections and possibilities for data visualisation, contributing to a comprehensive and growing documentary legacy on ISEA Symposia electronic media, emerging, and performing arts.

Sub-Committees and Task Forces
The ISEA Board of Directors creates Sub-Committees and Task Forces to accomplish defined and limited-scope tasks that assist ISEA in achieving its mission or general operations. Sub-Committees and Task Forces may comprise individuals from the Board of Directors, HQ, IIAC, and/or members of the ISEA community. Sub-Committees and Task Forces members work on a volunteer basis.

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