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Associated Organisations

Associated Organisations

ACM SIGGRAPH is an international community of researchers, artists, developers, filmmakers, scientists, and business professionals who share an interest in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The ACM SIGGRAPH Digital Arts Community (DAC) hosts a social media site to share images, ideas, videos and other projects.

Ars Electronica in Linz, Austria consists of a Museum of the Future, a Festival involving scientists and artists, a competition (Prix Ars Electronica) and the Futurelab which focuses on research and development.

The Computer Arts Society (CAS) promotes the creative uses of computers in the arts and culture generally. It is a community of interest for all involved in doing, managing, interpreting and understanding information technology’s cultural potential.

The New Media Caucus is an international non-profit association formed to promote the development and understanding of new media art. The NMC represents artists, designers, practitioners, historians, theoreticians, educators, students, scholars, and researchers, as well as like-minded organizations with interests including, but not limited to, digital media, electronic media, mobile media, virtual media, and emergent media.

Leonardo/ISAST is a nonprofit organization that serves the global network of distinguished scholars, artists, scientists, researchers and thinkers through our programs focused on interdisciplinary work, creative output and innovation.

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