Jun 22, 2018




• Workshops are free • No catering or transport support is provided • Participants may be asked to bring some tools or technology • To book for any of the workshops please clearly indicate details, a short motivation, and send to Tracy at bookings@onair.co.za (unless otherwise stated)

The hacked-together term “curatoriality” was used to describe the way in which the practice of curating is applied in various degrees according to context and local conditions, this two-day workshop will bring together curators and producers/artists working in the interstices between art and technology. In keeping with the ISEA theme in between the cracks, it will share examples of places and times where curatorial practice (or the curatoriality applied) was as much a result of serendipity, chaos, or risk-taking as of careful planning. Contexts and local conditions (Durban to Dundee and everywhere in between), in which hustling and getting things done takes priority over theoretical frameworks, will be celebrated. Framed around how ‘the hack’ (like curatoriality) involves both informed prior experience and a blind new attempt or best guess at how it will work, the workshop will pull itself up by its bootstraps, insert itself into the interstitial, and evolve as local and international participants get to know and learn from one another.

Exercises undertaken in small groups across the two days will focus the discussion. These will include exercises on ideas for hacking a particular space, new formats for commissioning across and in between sectors or disciplines, new formats for production, and audience reception.


22 & 23 June = 10:00 – 17:00

Coordinator: Beryl Graham on participatory production or commissioning models in contemporary art curating, including critical making and open source methods; Alexandra Ross on curatorial strategies for hacking mindsets and reorienting perceptions, with an attention to AR and VR; Sarah Cook on temporary, recurrent festival curating, and how to deal with spaces that have a pre-determined set of expectations about what goes on there.

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